Custom Landscaping Design in Ohio | Find a local contractor in Ohio near you

Find a local contractor in Ohio near you

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Custom Landscaping Design in Ohio

When it comes to creating a new landscape to greatly increase the value and appeal of a home, homeowners turn to Home Improvement Frog’s custom landscape design studio in Ohio. We plan out what your home’s landscape will look like with our custom landscaping software. You will see exactly what your home would look like with a new landscaping layout. We are experts at increasing the value of a home with custom landscape designing.

Landscaping Design Satisfaction

We have experienced tremendous growth and continue to grow because of our attention to detail in our landscaping designs, commitment to professionalism and customer service. We value our customers and are dedicated to meeting or exceeding their expectations! We believe that the customer should get more value for their dollar and we strive to bring you the best in materials, plants, and hardscape items available.

Serving Ohio’s Custom Landscaping Needs

Our main office is located in Troy Ohio, we have our service members providing custom landscape design services in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland. Below are a few images we have used for our customers who were wanting a landscape improvement idea. Want more information? Contact us today by email or (937) 607-9637.





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