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I read the Square Foot Gardening book and I gotta say, it gave me many new great ideas. Let’s talk about it. Following the book I started using a mix of  1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 compost. I am currently building the 4’x18′ garden so I will have more photos coming soon. For now, I am simply using leftover metal containers from a wedding.

I do not have my own compost either, so I am using cheap mushroom compost I found at Menards. The mix is great because it is light and easy to move around. I put too much peat moss in one of my containers and it is having trouble draining, so I highly recommend getting the 1/3 mix as close as possible to avoid this issue. My neighbor gave me a great idea to add gravel at the bottom of my containers to help draining just incase the drilled holes do not drain well enough.

As you can tell, the plants which started from seed are doing great this year in the mix. This is summer 2016 in Ohio so our weather is around 80-90 degrees fahrenheit daily with moderate rain. I am also using Miracle Gro Garden Vegetable solution water mix when I water the seeds and growing plants. The soil and Miracle Gro together are producing health plants from seeds so far.

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