How it works | Find a local contractor in Ohio near you

Find a local contractor in Ohio near you

Companies offering solutions to any home improvement project

How it works

Our ultimate goal is to connect businesses and consumers together through Home Improvement Frog (HIF). We strive to build a user friendly website for the consumer to find a company near them offering the services they need. We look into a company’s online reviews and history to make sure we are displaying trustworthy businesses who take care of their customers.

Business Listings

We do not charge people to simply find a company… Once a company signs up with Home Improvement Frog all their information is applied to a listing in our directory. Not only will companies have a listing they will also receive monthly SEO/Web information, Links to their website, 24hr email support, and help with their personal website.

Consumer satisfaction

The goal for business customers on our website is to assist them in finding a local company with a history of excellent service. Separating greatness from poor craftsmanship and urge people to let us know of the service they received. The greatest most trustworthy types of advertisement is word of mouth, and we want people to spread the word about the companies listed on Home Improvement Frog. We hope all this together brings excellent service and happy customers.

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